Thursday, January 3, 2013

fun and frosty! (print and go activities)

I really don’t mind cold weather, as long as there’s snow on the ground. I love sledding, drinking hot cocoa, building snowmen, and wearing winter attire! I still get so giddy when schools are closed for snow. I am as bad as my students. Some things never change, I suppose!

Over winter break, I spent all most of my days in pajamas. I won’t even dare to tell you the number of times I showered (or didn’t). Ha! I did, however, work on some fun and frosty winter activities for the next few weeks. Confession: I really created these activities with the hope that if we continue to do wintery activities, we will send wintery weather our way. Wishful thinking, perhaps?

I tried to create activities that require very little prep time and VERY little ink. In 2012, I spent ENTIRELY too much time prepping activities and ENTIRELY too much money on ink. I’m trying hard to utilize my time and money a little better this year. 

The only thing I did print in color was this binder cover to make the binder look pretty help keep myself organized. For real, I am trying very hard to be organized. All I did was print the packet in black and white (SO MUCH CHEAPER), punch holes in it, and put it in the binder. This will save me so much time when I am in a hurry to find an activity.


I plan on using lots of the activities in this packet alongside my current math and language arts curriculum. I’ll also be using some of it for homework and warm-ups!

My students will love learning how to write a friendly letter with the help of Frosty!


For this activity, students will use snowballs (aka: marshmallows) to help them solve part-part/whole math problems. They’ll literally eat this activity right on up! 


Fun morning work activities…my kids will love these!


I know this game will be an instant hit with my kids! For this game, students will work with a partner to see who can be the first one to build a snowman based on their subtraction sums. I can’t wait to do this with my kids!


Write a wintry story using this word bank…EASY PEASY prepping!


This adorable snowman craft will accompany the snowy stories perfectly. It is super simple to prep and won’t take long to complete. You and your kids will love this craft!


Students will practice doubles problems on a “snow much fun” scavenger hunt.


These snowy story problems will be perfect for morning work and homework. My kids will love seeing the snowy clip art! Seriously, the little things make them so happy!


You can find all these activities at my TPT shop. I hope they help make January and February a little bit warmer! Or, maybe they’ll help bring wintery weather your way, as well? Haha!

Click on the preview below to grab these activities.


Also, be sure to go download the preview at my TPT to grab the Frosty the Friendly Letter Helper poster for free.


The first person to leave a comment telling me their favorite thing to do in the snow will get these babies for free! Leave your e-mail address!


Need MORE winter resources? In case you’re interested, I bundled all three of my winter packets  (Fun and Frosty, There’s Snow Place Like Home, and Visualizing in Winter) together to make one big package! You’ll be set for the rest of winter with this bundle!

Grab it below by clicking on the preview or click here.



  1. Cross country ski!

  2. I like to stay inside and drink hot chocolate!

    The First Grade Dream

  3. I love to shovel snow. I know, random, but its what i always did with my dad when I was younger, and now I miss it. We don't get any snow where I live.

  4. I love love love this unit! :) Way to go!!

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  5. I like to snuggle by the fire. Awesome unit!!

  6. This looks adorable Lyndsey! Your kiddos will have so much fun and I love to save ink! =)

    Heather's Heart

  7. LOVE this little packet and I'm with ya on the ink savings!! Too bad I live in FL where we barely get three seasons or i'd have some fun thing I do in the snow!!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  8. Oh my word Lyndsey, these look great!!!

  9. Hi Lyndsey!
    I have your Fun & Frosty in my tpt cart, ready to buy! It looks fun! I love that it is all black and white copies too! I can't wait to check out your visualizing winter pack too!

  10. OKay, so I most definitely started a snowman pack that has a "spin a snowman" activity in it! I haven't gotten around to finishing it, but just thought that was too funny!

    Great minds :)

    Teachery Tidbits

  11. Do you have a separate binder for all of your units? I STILL can not figure out how I want to keep mine organized. Currently, the cards are in plastic shoe boxes hahaha.

  12. Thanks for joining my linky and sharing such great ideas!
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

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