Monday, May 20, 2013

teacher friends!!!

I don’t know what I would do without my teacher-friends. Seriously! Both of my parents are teachers and when I was a kid, I never understood how they could talk about school THAT MUCH. Now I totally get it and I just can’t GET ENOUGH! My non-teacher friends think I am CRAZY. Ha! I guess you just don’t understand unless you’re a teacher. I feel lucky that I have so many teacher-friends in my life that share the same passion and excitement towards teaching as me.

One of my dearest teacher-friends is Hope. Hope is another teacher in my county. She is INCREDIBLY talented, inspirational, and SWEET! We met through blogging last summer after discovering we lived so close to each other. What a small world, right? Now, we often meet up for coffee and gab for hours! I love this lady….and her PRECIOUS family! So, so sweet!

Hope just recently opened up a TPT shop and I am in LOVE with her work. This mega word work oi/oy packet will be SAVING MY LIFE this week. FOR REAL!!!

Isn’t it ADORABLE?


My favorite parts of the packet are the adorable oi/oy stories, the cute anchor charts, and all of the practice pages. My kids are going to love the pool theme. You can find this product HERE.

Thanks, Hope!



Go follow her HERE on TPT! Her work is awesome!!!

Do your non-teacher friends think you’re crazy for talking about school so much OR for spending so much time in your classroom?


  1. Hey
    Is this listed on her TPT>? I could not find it

  2. Here's her product:

  3. Her TPT store rocks! Does she have a blog as well?

  4. So cute!!! You are such a sweet friend Lyndsey. I am SO lucky to have met you through blogging!! Can't wait till it's officially official!!!

  5. Thanks for introducing us to her. I'm totally digging her I have, Who has cards... Just picked some up to go with our next few phonics skills
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

  6. Love this post!!! And I have to check out that pack!
    And yes, my non-teaching friends don't understand how I talk about teaching as much as I do. My hubby is one of them!! Haha!

  7. Hope is an amazing teacher, friend, and neighbor! I love that you two have become friends. Small world for sure :)

  8. Welcome to your friend Hope - her pack looks great and what a great friend you are too Lyndsey!! :o)

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