Monday, May 13, 2013

family fun!

I spent the day at my parent’s house for some much overdue shenanigans. We celebrated Mother’s Day and my dad’s birthday. I loved every minute of it.

We played “family fun” games, ate LOTS of yummy food, caught frogs (not my idea…ha!), relaxed in the garden, swung from the tree swing, and LAUGHED, LAUGHED, LAUGHED!

I brought my camera and took lots of pictures! Below is a picture of my sister, Faith, my sweet mom, my niece, Abby, and my sister, Jessi. I swear, my precious mama doesn’t age! I also snapped a few of my nephew, Topher, on the tree swing. This boy CRACKS  ME UP! He is going into the first grade next year. Where did the time go? And, look at those flowers from my mom’s garden! I wish I had a quarter of a green thumb. Beautiful!!!

imageHere are more of my niece and nephew and a picture of these yummy mini-cupcakes my talented chef-sister, Jessi, made! I love that girl, but I’d be in trouble if we lived any closer. Not kidding!



Happy Mother’s Day! Hope your day was as special as ours!


  1. How sweet!! Your family is adorable!!

  2. Those cupcakes look delicious,

  3. SO cute! Love seeing pictures of your sweet family :)

    I hope you had a great weekend!!


  4. Great pictures. Cupcakes look yummy!

  5. Love this post!! Was your dad's birthday yesterday? My dad's is this week! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  6. Cute family! I love those blue flowers in the picture. What kind are they?
    I'm glad you had some good family time!
    ♥Teaching Fabulous Firsties!♥


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