Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let’s Celebrate Reading (free downloads)



Want to play a guessing game?
This week’s Book Nook post is all about a man we shall not name.
This man loved to write silly stories that rhyme.
But, mentioning his name is actually a CRIME (gasp!).
He wrote stories all about green foods and lots of crazy creatures.
Did you guess this week’s Book Nook Feature?

While I don’t mention any books in this post, these resources can certainly be used to celebrate books. Enjoy!

1. Create your own “Happy Birthday” banner to celebrate the life of the man who shall remain nameless! Your students will love seeing this little banner hanging in your classroom doorway. Print, cut, and then string the letters together.



2. Print out these fun (and free) bookmarks. Give a bookmark to your students before they go on a reading adventure. This bookmark comes straight from my Reading Can Take Anywhere packet, but I’m giving it to you all for free!



Grab both of these free downloads by clicking HERE!


Across the Hall said...

Thanks for the freebies!! Such a shame we can't mention his name! Makes me so sad!

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Mikaela said...

Thanks for these darling freebies! Definitely making the banner for next year's celebration.

Special Teacher for Special Kids said...

I haven't heard is it someone's birthday! These colors are wonderful. I might hang them up near my fox in the box! thanks for these.
:o) V.
Special Teacher for Special Kids

Anonymous said...
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Cindy Calenti said...
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Susie Shafer said...
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