Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stupendous Story Elements (free packet!)


I just witnessed one of the coolest things ever! The sweet and famous Deanna Jump (Mrs. Jump’s Class) was just on CNN being interviewed for making $1 million on TPT. Phenomenal! What an accomplishment. I hope you all caught the interview, too. Love her!

I just finished updating my free Stupendous Story Elements packet on TPT. I created this packet awhile back, but I never posted about it here. If you’ve downloaded it before from my TPT shop, make sure you re-download it! I’ve added some new pages. Many of the graphic organizers and worksheets in this packet can be used with any story.

Click on the link below to grab your FREE copy!




It’s almost October…can you believe it? I’m working on a Fall Packet, and I cannot wait to share it with you all tomorrow.

Here’s a little sneak peek of a craft included in the packet. Your students can create their own “Nutty About Books” craft after reading different fall texts.


I hope everyone is surviving!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Moment in the Spotlight and Math Common Core Mega-Pack

Have you all checked out this week’s TPT: 10 Free Downloads e-mail?

How exciting is that? When I found out I was going to be the Featured Teacher, I thought I had died and gone to TPT heaven. Thank you, TPT, for making my dreams come true!


Some of my featured products are:

Writer’s Workshop Mega Pack (with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Fix It!)

All Aboard The Friendship (Friendship Building Activities)

and my latest project…

Math Attack: First Grade Common Core Math Mega Pack {Addition and Subtraction}


All of the activities in this 219 page packet (yes, I just said 219 PAGES!) align with the Common Core’s Operations and Algebraic Thinking Standards for first grade.

Your students will be addition and subtraction gurus after working with the math monsters, Addition Addy and Subtraction Subby. I wrote a fun and engaging story that teaches students what it means to add and subtract. Your students will fall in love with adding and subtracting with the help of these guys!



In this packet, you’ll also find excellent visuals (strategy posters, math wall vocabulary cards, and number posters). Woo hoo! Your classroom will be Common Core Central!


To help your students master addition and subtraction, I’ve created math tub/center activities, practice pages, a math fluency booklet, a word problem booklet, math hunts, lots of engaging games, and assessments for each of the Common Core Standards.





As a fun, culminating activity, your kiddos can make their very own Addition Addy and Subtraction Subby. After assembling, they can write addition and subtraction facts on each monster’s body.


All these activities (plus LOTS more!) can be found at my TPT shop!

Click below to purchase:

Thank you all for always making me feel SO LOVED!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are You a Whole Brainer?


Okay, you guys! I am no where close to being a “Whole Brain Teacher,” but I have started many of the first steps this week and all I can say is LOVE!

I have never seen a bunch of children more engaged and actively participating. If you are unfamiliar with Whole Brain Teaching, I highly recommend downloading their awesome and FREE e-book here at their website.

Want to see a phenomenal Whole Brain Teacher?

When I first saw this video over the summer, I kept thinking:

1. How stinkin’ adorable is she?



Check out this YouTube video:

If you’re a newbie Whole Brainer (or perhaps a soon-to-be Whole Brainer), feel free to grab these posters below. Woo hoo!




You can also find them at my TPT shop below:

Are YOU a Whole Brainer? If so, how do you like it?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Character Traits (free posters and graphic organizers!)


I am really looking forward to getting into the swing of things this week. Tomorrow, we’ll be reading one of my favorite books of all-time, Wemberly Worried. This is such a wonderful book to read at the beginning of the school year. I just LOVE Kevin Henkes’ writing style, especially when I can read it to bright eyed first graders. Too precious!

You can read the book here:

We are really going to be focusing in on Wemberly’s character traits (her actions, words, and feelings). I made these visuals to help my students better understand what a character trait is.

These posters can be used for other stories, as well.





We’ll be using this little bubble map I made to help us identify some words that describe her character.


On Wednesday, we’ll be revisiting Wemberly Worried using this organizer to retell the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Slide3

We’ll also be reading all about another Kevin Henkes friend: Chrysanthemum. We’ll be comparing/contrasting Wemberly and Chrysanthemum using a Venn-Diagram. LOVE!




You can grab all of these goodies below for free, people!!! Make sure you download the file. It will look funny if you leave it in Google Docs.


What’s in your planner for the week?

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