Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pinterest Exchange, Classroom Balls, and Earth Day Wrap-Up

Hi, Everyone!

I received my ADORABLE Pinterest Exchange gift yesterday from Natalie over at Teachery Tidbits. My word. Too cute! Huh? I love the color combo! Definitely my favorite. She totally brightened my day. Thank you, Natalie!


I cannot wait for my buddy to receive her gift. Here is a sneak peek:



It’s a wooden tissue box (you can’t see the hole at the top but I promise it’s there!) that I personally designed just for this one special person. I hope she likes it! Although, I think she is going to giggle when she sees the packaging. I *thought* I had a box that would work. Unfortunately, I didn’t, so I had to do a little improvising. Let’s just say the packaging looks a tiny bit special. Never judge a book by its cover, friends!

You will probably think I am absolutely CRAZY after reading this next part. We have traded out traditional classroom chairs for….exercise balls!





Yes, my entire class (and soon to be entire grade) will no longer be using classroom chairs. We will still have classroom chairs available for students who wish to use them, but let’s get REAL! A 7 year old + bouncy ball = PURE BLISS! I must say, when I first heard about this idea, I was SO.NOT.FOR.IT! I thought the bouncing would be a HUGE distraction and that they would never get their work done. But, surprisingly…I’ve seen the opposite. I’ve seen MORE participation, more excitement, and WAY less behavior problems. They are especially great for squirmy children. I AM IN LOVE!

In other news, we wrapped up our Earth Day projects today. Their Earth Day craftivities are PRESH! Love each one of them.




Don’t you love first grade artwork? Even the scariest faces look sweet. I love his response!

Enjoy your Wednesday, Sweet Friends!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Currently and Earth Day Craft for FREE!


Oh, dear heavens! I am so behind on blogstalking, but I am SO, SO, SO happy I just read Farley’s latest Currently. Her SUPER POWER is HILARIOUS. What a genius idea! Farley, I can’t think of a better one either.

Here’s my Currently…


Also, I don’t know if it is the operator (me) or TPT, but I’ve been having a lot of trouble uploading/viewing things lately. I just posted my Earth Day craftivity yesterday, but I don’t know if it was popping up. I kept seeing an “x” when trying to view it. It’s been driving me CRAZY!

Anyway, so I uploaded it again but I’m giving it away FOR FREE until tomorrow night at 9PM. Please let me know if the link/download is working for you. Thanks, sweet friends!

Grab it HERE:


Enjoy your Saturday! Smile

Friday, April 6, 2012

Earth Day Craft and Writing Activity


Hi everyone! I hope those of you that are on spring break are enjoying your time off (sorry to those that are at work…summer will be here before you know it!)

In all honesty, I have not done too much this spring break. It’s been nice to just enjoy this breezy weather and relax. I have done some school work (shocking, I know!). I took a break from working on my spring packet. I’m not sure if I will post it this year or next. Do you ever drive yourself crazy because you've looked at something for SO LONG? Well…that’s how I feel about this spring packet. I did create a little Earth Day craft and writing activity that I plan on doing with my firsties when we return from break.

Check out the preview below. Just click on the preview and it will take you to my store. I know my students will LOVE writing their promise to the Earth, and I think your kiddos will, as well. Enjoy!




I am going to savor these last few days of my break before another round of madness begins. HA!

Take care, sweet friends!

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