Thursday, March 29, 2012

Signs of Spring (freebie writing activity)

Yipee! We have a 3 hour early dismissal tomorrow, and then we are on SPRING BREAK! My goodness, I am beyond excited for this much-needed break. I have ABSOLUTELY NO PLANS, and I couldn’t be happier. I am excited to veg out, relax, go hiking, drink coffee, relax, clean (if motivated), and RELAX some more!
We’ve been knee deep learning all about nouns and adjectives, so I figured springtime was a PERFECT opportunity to extend that learning. Tomorrow I am taking my class on a nature walk around school and to our school’s green garden to do some detective work! I plan on giving them the organizer and writing activity found below, and some watercolor paper to illustrate/paint their observations. I’ll post pictures sometime this weekend (if I don’t forget my camera! Why do I always forget it? Eeek!)
Grab your freebies below by clicking on either of the images:
Happy (almost) Friday!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fluency Checklist (for students)

Here’s the poster I display at my fluency center in my classroom:
At the station, students can:

choose a story that is “just right” for them

practice reading their story

record themselves reading

listen back and self-evaluate using the self-evaluation sheet you see below

It is a great way for students to become self-learners. I also allow them to peer-evaluate sometimes. I especially love this station because they are able to recognize their accomplishments and areas that need work, without needing to hear it from a teacher.
Grab the poster and evaluation sheet below:
Do you have a fluency station/center in your classroom? How is it set-up?
I’d love to hear from you!

Monday, March 19, 2012

what I am loving lately…

Do any of you adore Amy Butler as much as I do? Oh my goodness! If I had a million dollars, I'd FOR SURE spend a good chunk of it on Amy Butler fabric. Her patterns are so bright, happy and springy!

My mom made me this absolutely adorable teacher bag that I completely treasure and love. 


I’ve honestly used it all throughout winter (even though it isn’t very wintry looking), but I’m loving it even more now that spring has arrived. Check Amy Butler out! Her patterns SCREAM, “Get pregnant ASAP so you can decorate a baby’s room!” Not to worry, folks! A baby won’t be coming for a long, long time. Who needs a baby when you have 22 little darlings at school?

Also, the amazing, wonderful, and SUPER talented Michelle over at The 3AM Teacher completely inspired me to go out and buy a Wacom tablet. Don’t you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her? I discovered her blog a few weeks ago and she has completely hooked me. Her humor, generosity, and amazing talent always keep me coming back for more. Check out her blog and all of her wonderful graphic designs (she’s having a giveaway at the moment!) I dream of being as talented as she is (so much that I went out and bought a Wacom tablet…wish me luck, friends!).




Sunday, March 18, 2012

And the winner is…

The winner of the Scout Bag giveaway AND my newest r-controlled vowel packet is…


Kelly Brown from

Busy in Kindergarten

Congratulations, sweet girl! You have such a cute blog, by the way! I LOVE IT. E-mail me at so I can send you your prizes!

Thank you to all of you other amazing friends who entered! You know how to make me smile.

This week, we will continue to work on nouns, verbs, and adjectives. I bought the Parts of Speech bundle from Lindsey @ The Teacher Wife. AMAZING! My kids have had such a blast playing the games and doing the activities. It has seriously saved me HOURS of planning. It is worth EVERY penny! Oh, how I love her dearly!

Check it out here:


Tomorrow, my students will be learning when to add “s” or “es” to the end of a noun. Awhile ago Lindsey posted a little chart about when to use “a” or “an.” She inspired me to create my own little chart for plural nouns. Grab it here below for free:


Have a great week, my friends!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Freebie and Carnival Birthday Celebration

Hi everyone! Today I went to one of my student’s birthday parties. It was so much fun! Her mom planned a carnival themed party. There was a caricature artist, face painting, cotton candy, tickets, games, and prizes (including a real goldfish to take home with you at the end of the night). My students were thrilled…to put things lightly! I had a blast too.

She is a BIG fan of Junie B. Jones (so am I!), so I was super excited to get her a few different chapter books. All of my students are beginning to move onto more difficult texts. It is such an amazing time of year for first graders. I am constantly taken back and so proud of all of the wonderful things they are accomplishing. It makes me GIDDY inside just thinking about it. I’m sure you all know the feeling.

I have been thinking of a few different ideas for St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m trying to finish up my r-controlled vowel packet before I dive into something new. The packet should be available on TPT tomorrow.

I’m always trying to think of new little ways to show my kids how much I truly DO LOVE THEM! I know I need to tell them more, and it has been a BIG goal of mine these past few months. I thought St. Patrick’s Day was a great time to let them know just how LUCKY I AM.
Here’s a sweet card I posted on TPT for free. I plan on writing a little message on the back for each of my kids. Click on the image to take you to TPT. ENJOY!



I can’t wait to blog stalk tomorrow morning with a BIG CUP of coffee. Yum, yum!

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