Monday, July 9, 2012

Easi-Speak Recorder Giveaway

Have you all heard of the Easi-Speak USB Recorder? Who am I kidding? Of course you have! I was super excited when Learning Resources contacted me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing this product. I am SO GLAD I said yes because this little bad boy is AWESOME!

When my package arrived at my door, I couldn’t wait to take it out of the box and try using it. I am the kind of girl that DOES NOT read directions (please tell me I’m not alone here!), so I was extremely pleased that it was very easy (or should I say Easi?) to set-up and use.

Some of my favorite things about Easi-Speak:
-it requires NO BATTERIES (you just plug it into your computer to charge)
-you just press one little button to record (YES, THAT’S IT!)
-you have the option of playing back your voice on the microphone OR listening to the file on your computer
-the sound quality is EXCELLENT!

I was thinking this would be PERFECT at a fluency station (this past year I used an old tape recorder, which was a PAIN to set-up, play-back, and leave for my students to use independently). You can check out how I work my fluency station here. I also thought it would work wonderfully during math time, especially when we get into solving and writing our own word problems. Students could write a word problem and read it into the microphone, and then another student in the classroom could listen back on the microphone to solve. Seriously...the possibilities are endless!
Now, I know you want one. Right? Well, I am giving one away right here on this little blog of mine.

The giveaway ends on July 14th, so HURRY!
How would you use the Easi-Speak USB Recorder in your classroom?


The Hands-On Teacher said...

OMG!!! That is so awesome! I would be thrilled to get to review something like that! If I had this, I would use it for assessing students, but also for allowing students to listen to themselves and do "self assessing".

I hope I win!!!
The Hands-On Teacher in First!

Nesli Monroe said...

This is seriously an AMAZING resource! I would love to have this in my classroom! I would definitely have my students practice their fluency, but I love the idea of using it with math word problems! The chance for the kids to record their word problem, solve their own or a partners word problem through talking it out is great! I hope I win this! Woohoo!

Diving Into Learning said...

I really want one of these! It would be great to have and I think it would be nice to be able to have students listen to themselves as well.


Lisa said...

Kiddos listening to themselves, but also maybe having one at a trickier station that they can listen to me giving directions if needed...

A Teacher Without a Class said...

I could also be used for students to talk what they want to write. You are absolutely right. I would love to have this!

Lauren Perkins said...

LOVE this product! I would use it to assess my students and allow them to assess themselves!

Where Seconds Count said...

I've been WANTING one of these!!! Of course, hasn't everybody!!!! I don't have a twitter account or I'd check that one off too.
Thank you for offering this!
Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

Mallory said...

Hi there!! I just wanted to let you know that I am giving you The Versatile Blogger Award!! Head on over to my blog to check it out!! :)

Teacher-ific said...

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!! Fingers crossed! :)

Nicole said...

Wow, this is awesome! I really hope I win this! If not I might be buying one! I am new to your blog and I can't wait to look around! :)

A Frenzy of Fun in 1st Grade

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to make parent gifts with them!!

Ziggyfriends said...

This is an awesome tool. I could use this for fluency practice, for monitoring independent work and for creating student recordings for our Listening center.

Donna W.

Amanda said...

Hey Lyndsey! If you decide to do a book study on Comprehension Connections, I'm in! I have posted a ton of stuff over the past two years, but I'd be happy to team up. :) It's my favorite book! By the way, you mentioned that your parents live in La Plata. My in-laws live in Waldorf, I am pretty familiar with La Plata! :) Small world!

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