Monday, May 14, 2012

All-Time Favorite Read Aloud Linky Party!

I’m linking up today with the sweet Miss Nelson from Run! Miss Nelson’s Got the Camera! (LOVE HER!) to tell you about my favorite read alouds.

My favorite children’s author is Kevin Henkes, so you might guess what some of my favorite read alouds are!

I get so super excited when reading these books:

(Isn’t he adorable? And you can’t help but love Mrs. Tweezers!)

(Oh Chrysanthemum…how I love you so! I love using this book when discussing our differences)

(And, of course, we cannot forget Lilly! Lilly is a hoot. All of my students just adore her.)

I enjoy reading all of these stories, especially at the beginning of the school year. Each story teaches a different lesson. I often use his stories to teach character traits. My love for these little pink-nosed characters is well-known around my classroom. They are just so darn cute.

What are your favorite read alouds? Link up and share. Thanks, Miss Nelson!


Tammy said...

Those are great reads!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Miss Nelson said...

Thank you so much for linking up! Love your choices. Good Luck! Maybe you'll win my a bag of my favorite read alouds.

Andrea said...

Love those books too!!

Cheers To School

Casey Turner said...

I love Kevin Henkes! I posted the book Hooway for Wodney Wat. I just LOVE how it is SO cute and teaches kids about accepting differences. :)

Second Grade Math Maniac

Lita Lita said...

I have Chrysanthemum in my list too.
I just discovered you through the linky party. Great blog!

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